Several photographers have captured the excitement surrounding a newborn baby in an incredibly unique (and appropriate) fashion. After his son Claudio was born, Swiss photographer Alessandro Della Bella (http://dellabella.ch/) shot an adorable portrait of the newborn sleeping in his camera bag’s main compartment. He then used this photo to let loved ones know that a new member was welcomed into the family. After eight months had passed, Bella then decided to update his portfolio by adding another charming shot of Claudio, who has grown quite a bit since that first snapshot was taken!

Photographers such as Tom Pennington(http://tompenningtonphoto.com/), Drake Busch(http://drakebusch.com/), and Ning Wong(http://www.ningwong.com/) have captured similar images that are just as artistically delightful. To switch things up a bit, Busch decided to give his camera bag baby a photographer’s press access pass, which definitely adds another layer of cuteness. And when it comes time to put together a family photo album, these images will undoubtedly serve as the perfect addition.

Above photo source: Alessandro Della Bella


Photo source: Michelle Ann


Photo source: Tom Pennington



Photo source: Drake Busch


Photo source: Cubrix Photography


Photo source: Villas@rt


Photo source: Makeen Osman





Photo source: Extra Medium





Photo source: Ning Wong




Photo source: Alessandro Della Bella

via [PetaPixel, Bored Panda]